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Welcome to MAGTEC, the UK's largest supplier of hybrid and electrical drive systems.

Founded in 1992, Magtec is a UK based company that designs and manufactures electric drive systems and components for a wide range of vehicle types including off-road multi-wheeled and tracked military vehicles. Magtec are the UK largest manufacture of drive systems for commercial vehicles. All design and manufacture takes place in our facilities in Sheffield.

Magtec design and manufacture:

  • High performance permanent magnet traction motors 
  • Gearbox and transmission systems 
  • 3-phase power controllers 
  • All control electronics and embedded software 
  • Permanent magnet generator systems 
  • Energy buffer systems for hybrid vehicles 
  • Battery control systems for electric vehicles 
  • Battery charger systems 
  • Ancillary drive systems and components

Magtec prides itself in providing a professional service based on proven expertise. Our first production hybrid electric drive systems were fitted to buses in the USA in 1999; we have also worked extensively with OEM, Tier 1 commercial suppliers and defense suppliers in UK and Sweden on specialist vehicle installations.


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