Power Controllers

Power Controllers

Magtec manufacture a range of power controllers for drive systems from 40kw to 500kW output power and operating at DC bus voltages from 200v to 800v.

Whilst the primary function of the power controller is to provide smooth and reliable traction control during driving and braking, Magtec controllers also incorporate all the other functions required to control the vehicle and battery system. 



These include:

  • Vehicle control interfaces (accelerator pedal, brake pedal etc)
  • Battery communications and pre-charge and isolation systems
  • DCDC converters for charging vehicle 12v or 24v systems
  • Auxiliary inverter for driving an external PAS pump motor
  • Auxiliary inverter for driving an external air compressor motor

 The controller software includes many standard features including:

  • ABS/EBS integration / Creep functions
  • Electronically limited acceleration rates
  • Anti slip function / Electronic diff-lock function
  • Through life data logging / Remote monitoring via GPRS
  • Customer configuration tools

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