Special Applications

Special Applications

Tracked vehicle drives Tracked vehicle drives

Magtec have almost two decades experience in developing drive systems for the most demanding military, aerospace and commercial applications. 

UK MoD 6x6 and SEP wheeled vehicle UK MoD 6x6 and SEP wheeled vehicle

Magtec developed the complete drive train system for the UK MoD 6x6 and SEP wheeled vehicle programmes including:

  • In hub wheel motors with 2-speed gearbox and brake system
  • Dual generator systems
  • Power distribution and control systems
  • Driver interfaces


For the SEP programme Magtec also developed, installed and tested all the vehicle control software, including power scheduling, traction control, electronic diff-lock and pivot turn functions where by controlling the speed and position of each wheel individually the vehicle can be rotated on its axis. Magtec also developed systems for the SEP tracked vehicles.


These systems meet all the required military specifications for EMC and environment conditions.

Magtec have also developed drive systems for similarly demanding applications in the aerospace and marine markets.

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